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What is blockchain and why is it disrupting the world as we know it?.

How to trade, buy and mine digital currencies

The role and views of regulators, auditors and legal experts

How to store cryptocurrencies safely

Can the value of altcoins continue to rise in this year?

The latest blockchain innovations

Meet the Speaker

Anthony HK Lai

Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Technology Advisory

Dato’ Rayson Wong

Malaysia Blockchain Association President, Alphacap Founder

Norhizam Kadir

Growth Ecosystem Development at Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC)

Ji Sheng Tan

Co Founder, Trivechain Foundation

Rafael Schultz

Founder, Blockchainpunk

Shashwat Gupta

Co-founding, Altcoin Buzz

Lucy Chen

COO of Bitrabbit

John Ho

Head, Financial Markets, Legal, Standard Chartered Bank

Hazim Mohamad

World Bank Group (IFC)

Nikhilr Jain

CEO and Co-founder at Oben

Terence Chooi Kah Wai

Tech Advisor, Trivechain

Karen, Wan-Ju Yu

Legislator of Taiwan

Media Partner

Corporate Partner

Community Partner

Eco System Partner


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