Overview Program

7.00 AM


9.30 AM


Blockchain Economy

Dato’ Rayson Wong

President, Malaysia Blockchain Association

9:35 AM

Malaysia Tech Scene

Malaysia Tech Landscape

Norhizam Kadir

Vice President, Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation

9:45 AM

MBA MOU Ceremony

9:50 AM

Cyberjaya Launch Pad

Arvind Patmarajah

Head Of Strategic Development, Setia Haruman

10:00 AM

Trivechain Blockchain Hub, Center of Excellence (COE)& initiative

Ji Sheng

Co Founder, Trivechain Foundation

10:03 AM

Trivechain Blockchain Hub center of excellent -(CoE) MOU Ceremony

10:08 AM

Trivechain foundation MOU ceremony with other Partners

10:13 AM

Regulations in Blockchain

Current Legal & Regulatory Framework on Blockchain

John Ho

Head, Standard Chartered Bank

10:23 AM

Blockchain Finance Banking

Addressing Poverty and Infrastructure Financing via Blockchain-powered Financial inclusion

Hazim Mohamad

World Bank Group

10:33 AM

Blockchain Economy


Matthew Chong

Senior Advisor at Maxxcoin

10:53 AM

The Cryptocurrency Iceberg

Hong Qi YU

CEO at Tokenize Xchange

11:08 AM

Commodity Trading in Blockchain

Dato Sri Navneet Goenka


11:23 AM

Blockchain Nation

Anthony Davie

CEO, Invech Group

11:38 AM

Blockchain and Islamic Economy

Dr Farrukh Habib

Researcher, Halal Chain

11:48 PM


12:48 PM

Blockchain Landscape

Blockchain Landscape in US, Germany, Thailand and Malaysia

Garlam Won

Head of Global Partnership, ICONIZ

Ekneswarens Matandor

ICOs and Blockchain Advisor

TM Lee

Co-founder, Coingecko

Felix Mago

Blockchain & ICO Professional at FUTERIO & Blocktech Institute

Tan Sze Meng

Head of Data Cloud Dept, Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation

1:08 PM

Blockchain’s Social Impact

Blockchain for the Unbanked

Sankalp Shangari

CEO & Founder, Lala World

1:18 PM

Striving a Balance Between Privacy and Accountability on Post-Quantum Blockchain

Sachin Mittal

VP Technology at Capovex Ltd

Harpreet Singh Maan

CEO, Blocklime

Doan Kieu My

Business Development Management-Infinity Blockchain Lab

1:33 PM

Blockchain Economy & Decentralized Data

Tan Ji Sheng

Co Founder, Trivechain Foundation

1:48 PM


BITPoint Malaysia: Reinventing Future

Fumikazu Kakita

Managing Director CEO, BITPOINT

2:03 PM


Lucy Chen

COO, Bitrabbit

2:18 PM



Head of Southeast Asia Business, eToro

2:33 PM

Importance of educational in Blockchain World

Kevin Ng

IFT Academy Dean

2:48 PM


Gabriele Marazzi

IT and Blockchain Consultant & Entrepreneur, SpidChain

3:03 PM

Fire Side Chat

How to spot good blockchain Projects from the Bad

Gobinath Nadarajan

Co founder, Alterex

Anthony Lai

Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Technology Advisory

Felix Mago

Blockchain & ICO Professional at FUTERIO & Blocktech Institute

3:18 PM

Professional Opinion

Things that Went Wrong with ICO

Shashwat Gupta

Co-founding, Altcoin Buzz

3:38 PM

Blockchain : Topics of Interest

Isaac KT

Co-founder of Bitrus

Alberto DC

Co-founder of Bitrus

3:53 PM

The Future of Everything-as-a-Service (X.a.a.S.)

Sam Hourigan

Head of Business Development, Mogu

4:08 PM


Brian Fan

CEO & Co-Founder, MFun

4:23 PM

Why Traditional entrepreneurs embrace your GGC (Global Game Chain)

Adam Tan

GGC Malaysia & Singapore Partner

4:38 PM

Mica Fund

Kevin Hoo

Partner of MICA Fund & CEO of Blockcast

4:53 PM


Byeongseon BAE

Business architect at Quiztok

5:08 PM

Incubate The Next Unicorn With HealthTech, New Finance and Blockchain Solution Platform

Darren Lui

Co-Founder of Aenco

5:23 PM

Master Class

Striving a Balance Between Privacy and Accountability on Post-Quantum Blockchain

Dr. Duncan Wong

CEO, CryptoBLK

10:00 AM

Blockchain Landscape

Blockchain in Cambodia, Hong Kong & Vietnam

Dr Sarom Tem

President, Cambodia Blockchain Association

Ms. Doan Kieu My

Infinity Blockchain Lab

Lucy Chen

COO of Bitrabbit

Jay Liang

Founder and Co-chairman of HKBA

10:15 AM

Crypto Policy & Regulation in Taiwan

Karen, Wan-Ju Yu

Legislator of Taiwan

10:25 AM

Funding Blockchain Projects

VC and Blockchain

John C Sharp

Co-founding Partner, Hatcher +

Llew Claasen

Managing Partner, Newtown Partners

John Lombela

Entrepreneur, Speaker, Cryptocurrency Investor

Rafael Schultz

Co-Founder, Blockchainpunk

John Ho

Head, Financial Markets, Legal, Standard Chartered Bank

Juliana Jan

Chief Investment Office, Cradle

10:50 AM

Blockchain Punk

Rafael Schultz

Co-Founder, Blockchainpunk

11:05 AM

Trends in Crypto Economic Design

Llew Claasen

Managing Partner, Newtown Partners

11:15 AM

7 strategies for a successful ICO

Onur Ekinci

Principal, ZeroCap

11:25 AM

Blockchain : Topics of Interest

Personal AI on the Blockchain – A New Information Economy

Nikhil Jain

CEO and Co-founder, Oben

11:35 AM

Blockchain Project Rating

Dhawal Chopda

Co-Founder at CREBACO

11:45 AM

Blockchain Reimagined

Lon Wong

Founder, ProximaX

11:55 AM

Funding blockchain projects – utilizing and rewarding an ecosystem

Luke A Jones

CEO and Co-Founder at Fortifex

12:05 PM


1:05 PM

ICO, Reverse ICO and Commercial DAPP

David Tang

Managing Director, Standard Kepler

1:15 PM

Blockchain True to its core, beyond the hype (Blockchain 3.0)

Gobinath Nadarajan

Co founder, Alterex

1:25 PM

How Blockchain Technology is Transforming the Economy and the World

Hsu-kao Cheng

Fintech/Regtech Consultant

1:35 PM

Blockchain Design, Tokenomics, Analytics and Data Privacy in Blockchain

Ernie Teo

CTO, Jupiter Chain

1:45 PM

Kazakhstan Horseracing Association

James Kim

Vice president, KHA

2:00 PM

Using Blockchain to Power Better Derivatives Trading

Alex Otsu

Founder & CEO, PixelAlpha

2:10 PM

Fund Raising for Emerging Economies

Robin Lee

CEO, HelloGold

2:20 PM

World First Decentralized App

Terrence Chooi Kah Wai

Tech Advisor, Trivechain

2:30 PM

Bitcoin Private : From Scratch to top 40

Daniele Monteleone

Developer & Ambassador, BitcoinPrivate

2:40 PM

Future of Exchange

Jack Tan

Founding Partner, Kronos

Katherine Ng

Head of Marketing, QUOINE

Kevin Pang

CEO, Xtheta Singapore

David Low

Country Manager of Luno Malaysia

Jasper Lee

Managing Director, eToro

Nizam Ismail

2:55 PM


Hesham Elmetainy

Founder, Treon.io

Khaled Khorshid

Co Founder, Treon.io

3:10 PM

Cyber Safety in Blockchain

Alvin Chua

President, Institute of Blockchain Singapore

John McCrudden

Privacy and CyberSecurity Orientated Advisor

Gobinath Nadarajan

Co founder, Alterex

3:25 PM

Why established companies like ours are looking into blockchain

Warren Leow

Vice President, Inmagine Group

Kevin Shum

Head of Blockchain Technologies, MyEG Services Berhad

Dinesh Ratnam

Director, Office of the CEO, Catcha Group

Dana Garrison

Social Influencer

Hizam Ghazali

Head, Group Digital of Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM)

3:40 PM

The state of the Lightning Network

Ryan Milbourne

Founder, Nostra

3:50 PM

Asking the Right Questions – Assessing & Developing Blockchain Unicorns

George Wong

Founder, Gild Network

4:00 PM

Tokenizing Pool Asset

Jamiel Sheikh

CEO, Override Labs

4:10 PM

Blockchain, a Trust Protocol for a new Economy

John Lombela

Entrepreneur, Speaker, Cryptocurrency Investor

4:20 PM

Blockchain Ad-tech

Digital Advertising in the Blockchain era, challenges and opportunities

Co Le Quoc Tuan

Co-Founder, Bigbom

4:30 PM

Creating a decentralised adtech eco-system to save the digital advertising market

Abeed Janmohamed

CEO, Papyrus

4:40 PM

Blockchain in AI, Data Science and IOT

Evolution of Digital ID and eKYC using Blockchain

Steve Rao

Co-Founder CEO, Xenchain.io

Mohd Noor

Project Rohingya Lead

Zarah Tinholt

Saad Mohib

Group CEO & Co-founder, Halal Chain

4:50 PM

Data Asset in Blockchain

Shane Cole

Head of Product, Datum

Tomi Wen

Ji Sheng Tan

Co Founder, Trivechain Foundation

Val Ji-Shuan Yap

PolicyPal Network

5:05 PM

Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain

Maria Ritola

Co Founder of Iris AI & Project Aiur

5:15 PM


7:00 PM

Event Party

Location is Ubar at level 33, Capri by Fraser (next to summit venue)

7:30 PM

Blockchain in Art and Culture

Art & Culture in the Blockchain

Jason Schadt

Hip Hop The Blockchain